Friday, 13 March 2015

The Shining Zoo

I came across something pretty funny today. 

It's call the Shining Zoo and they make animal heads to decorate your home or office. 

I found them on Facebook and they take orders over their site

Items can be personalized with other materials, i.e. leather and also other colours

Would you order one? I definitely will!! 

Have a lovely weekend!!

L O V E 
Apples & Limes

Monday, 12 January 2015

Of furs and cardigans & jumpers

Right, winter is here and it's so freezing cold outside that I can't  help but thinking about a thick fur to wrap up myself before leaving home.

I have selected a few pieces of my very-favourite-and-onl  brand, Bimba & Lola, that's BTW on final sale this month!!

Enjoy the shopping!!!

Sheepskin & Goat Leather coat 

Boucle coat

Short fur coat 
Mohair Coat
Long Mohair cardigan
Long knitted cardigan

Oversized mohair Jumper - different colours
Boucle Jacket 
There are also some pieces for FAUX FUR friends

Faux Fur coat 
Faux Fur short coat
Faux Fur Short coat

I didn't shop much this time but here are a few pieces that I've bought:

knitted dress


Lovely!!! From the Pegasus collection
Wool coat

also available in TAUPE, BLUE and BURGUNDY

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sequins L O V E

It happens every year! The closer we get to Christmas, the more I love sequins!!

I've been thinking thoroughly about the why and I've come to two conclusions

1. Sequins have all the sunshine that I miss in the winter months

2. They have enough magic to believe that your life is fab and glamorous

These are available at Nordstrom
These 70's retro trousers are from ASOS

These above are currently available in gold and silver @ H&M!!!  

I've been looking for these golden leggins for quite a while and last week I got them at H&M!!  The good thing is that  and you can also order them online

Isabel Marant - available in Net-a-porter
Similar one by H&M here

These gorgous Balmain leggins are curently on sale 
Get similar ones @ H&M for 19.99€ here!!

And what do you think about these lovely elbow patches to pimp up your old jumper?! 

If you don't find the right shaped patches in the shops, here are two great tutorials 

by Agata Ruiz de la Prada / 

Last but not least: I recently got this cute jumper at H&M! 


I love to combine it with my 
Michael Kors Rosé Gold watch and my grey skinny jeans from Zara !!

(sequined L O V E
Apples & Limes

Friday, 5 December 2014

CHANEL N5: The One That I Want

I'm so in love with CHANEL's new add!!

Everything about the video is so perfect; the revamped and unique take of the classic Grease song, the so carefully chosen locations, the story.........

I so much L O V E Luhrmann's cinematography!!!!!

Happy Friday! 

L O V E 
Apples & Limes

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Beauty treasure of the day - they're Real! eyeliner

Today, a beauty post!

I'd like to share with you my latest treasure. After many mis-buys I'm glad to say that I found the PERFECT eyeliner.

What I find it particularly good about this one is that it's not one of those liquid eyeliners.

My problem with conventional eyeliners is that when you apply a second layer, the colour instead of getting darker, vanishes a bit. It feels as if a second coat rather "erases" the first application ..........annoying.

They're Real! Push Up Linerhowever, is different.

The line is neither too thin, nor too thick and it's really easy to use, even if you're not experienced with these sort of tools, as it is a marker rather than a pen. 

It's coal matte black and has a creamy texture!. It doesn't drop, it's long-wearing.......definitely highly recommended!

How is your  experience with eyeliners? 
Have you ever tried this one?

Have a lovely, glamourous day! 

Apples & Limes

PS. This is not a sponsored post. Benefit has no idea who I am. I purchased this product and want to share my experience with you!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to wear animal print?

I've always thought that animal prints have a tiny tacky touch but I've now discovered that it doesn't have to be that way!!

Here you have a couple of examples of how to combine animal prints in a clever way to be classy and elegant.

The general rule is: only one animal print and mix it with monochromatic accessories, as simple as that.

1- What always work: wear it with BLACK

2. Play it safe: Animal print and NEUTRALS

3. Risk it! PLAID and animal print

4. Dare! Animal print and GOLD / sequins

5. Cool but safe:  leather 

Apples & Limes